You can start using it in a matter of seconds, as there is no software to download and infrastructure to build. Modifying courses and scaling them up or down is fast and easy. Most importantly, both lecturers and students will instantly recognize and understand's environment and learning tools. dashboard

Made for lecturers

  1. Add assignments, notifications, homework and all kinds of learning materials with ease. helps you deal with every aspect of your course.
  2. Establish a course hierarchy and fill it with content in seconds. Deliver learning materials to your students in an organized and systematic way.
  3. Create quizzes and tests and instantly track how students perform.
  4. Get access to the simple and meaningful analytics about everything that happened inside your course environment.
Made for lecturers

Powered by students

  1. Everything you need is now on-line, organized and always available. Tasks, documents, homeworks, lectures, schedules…
  2. Messaging, walls, discussion forums, chat/video conferences and other social networking tools make it easy to communicate and collaborate.
  3. Stay ahead off all your tasks - assignments, tests and attendances. All in one place.
  4. View your complete score sheet per course, earn bonus points, communicate with lecturers and track your progress.
Powered by students preview