User experience is all about people. We match their needs and emotional triggers with your business requirements.

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Web and interactive design

We focus on providing intuitive user experiences, and provide expert guidance on any level of product development cycle.

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Paper first

Sketching and prototyping the interface and user flows is a crucial first step. It is always more cost effective to change the sketches and prototypes than making changes at development or production stages.

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Testing out the prototypes

All of the prototypes go through a series of user experience and technical quality tests. It is recommended to organize real user testing sessions with the target audience to find out if and how they achieved their goals.

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UI design

After prototyping, the next step involves defining the aesthetics and visual language of the project. The end product of this phase is a set of high resolution mockups of the interface and its elements as a style guide.

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Style guide creation

A style guide defines all the necessary modules of the interface, simulates their states and behaviour and provides a base for scaling up the project without loosing its visual and structural integrity.

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Working UI Prototype

The final result of the design process is a working prototype of the interface. It is a high quality, live user interface, including all accompanying resources (HTML, CSS, JS, images, ...). It is the foundation for further development.