The user interface of these solutions is elegant and intuitive, which keeps both lecturers and students happy and engaged. Simplicity was one of the key factors, so the applications can be used easily, without referring to online help.

A complete set of eLearning features is supported

eLearning features

A complete set of eLearning features is supported, including tools for course organization, delivering rich content, tracking the learning progress and analyzing students' activity. Students are able to quickly access their tasks, documents, homework, lectures and other material. Messaging, walls, discussion forums, chat/video conferences and other social networking tools make it easy to communicate and collaborate.

Based on our experiences with previous projects, we have provided a new, cloud-based eLearning service: In addition to that, we have been building a cloud-based eLearning and social networking solution for a worldwide community of schools with millions of students.




  • MonoX


  • Jquery


  • AngularJS


  • SQLServer


  • PostgreSQL


  • SQLServer Reporting Services

    SQLServer Reporting Services