Mono Software development team embraced the "smart client" paradigm to develop scalable and distributed, HIPAA-compliant set of applications that combine the best features of both web and desktop approaches. The finished system handles millions of patient records for dozens of clients, with hundreds of users on two continents - yet it provides full comfort of a rich user interface that has been missing from the alternative implementations.

Medical billing solution

Independent modules

Every part of a rather complex business workflow was covered with a separate, independent module — from the initial receiving of the hospital paperwork and patient data entry, through the coding, insurance and patient billing, to the follow-up and collection/write-off of the remaining debt.

Independent modules

Aside from the conventional GUI and RDBMS designed to mimic the billing processing workflow, the system implements numerous special tasks that required careful investigation and implementation.

Scanned document processing

Scanned document processing

Electronic data interchange

Electronic data interchange

Reporting technology

Reporting technology


  • .NET Win Forms

    .NET Win Forms


  • Windows Presentation Foundation

    Windows Presentation Foundation

  • Windows Communication Foundation

    Windows Communication Foundation

  • SQLServer


  • SQLServer Reporting Services

    SQLServer Reporting Services

  • SQLServer Analysis Services

    SQLServer Analysis Services

  • Data Mining Add-Ins

    Data Mining Add-Ins