Our solutions cover a broad range of scenarios and technologies, starting with traditional job boards that typically include employer's and job seeker's registration, job postings with categorization and tagging, simple and advanced search functionality, job application workflow, alerts and a full set of administration and personalization tools.

Jobsboard - recruitment solution

In addition to that, we have built a number of advanced social recruitment services.

Job seekers do not have to perform registration, CV entry and manual recreation of their business contacts list, as all of their data is retrieved from other services and parsed in real time.

Social networking features

Use and customize built-in modules. If that isn't enough you can create your own front-end components based on customized data models and make them first-class citizens in your applications.

Social networking features
High-end recruitment solutions include full Application Tracking System (ATS)


  • ASP.net Web Forms

    ASP.net Web Forms

  • MonoX


  • ASP.net MVC

    ASP.net MVC

  • ASP.net WebAPI

    ASP.net WebAPI

  • SQLServer


  • Jquery


  • Jquery Mobile

    jQuery Mobile

  • LLBLGen