They are fast and lean – quite different than some well-known enterprise solutions. You still get all the benefits: personalized dashboards with user-controlled widgets, advanced user profiles with privacy control, content management tools, messaging centre, subscriptions and notifications, calendars, group forums, and everything else you need to stay in touch with your team members.

Our social intranets allow users to communicate and collaborate better

Adapting to your needs

Our solutions have been deployed in organizations of all types, regardless of the number of users or employees and the complexity of their requirements and organizational infrastructure.

Adapting to your needs

Customizability plays a key role: there is no “one size fits all” approach that could be used to cover different needs in bespoke social networks.

Therefore, depending on the target functionality, we have used different development approaches and methodologies. MonoX social networking framework was used in majority of the scenarios, but we were also able to integrate only parts of its functionality into existing systems built with different technologies. We have been using Baasic in some of the more recent projects to provide social networking functionality regardless of the target technology or framework.

Social intranet example



  • AngularJS


  • Node.js



  • WebAPI WebAPI

  • SQLServer


  • MongoDB


  • PostgreSQL


  • EntityFramework