• Async Web API calls using React with Mobx

    We will learn how to use basic CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations by combining React with Mobx.

    Ivan Dobranic - Tuesday, Apr 16, 2019

  • Are we assembler programmers?

    A personal opinion on the current and future state of JavaScript and its use.

    Vlatko Drempetic - Monday, Oct 29, 2018

  • Setting Up Build and Development Processes with GulpJS

    A brief overview of Gulp task runner and its features that can help you achieve a high level of automation, so you can focus on development and become more productive.

    Ivan Pozderac - Thursday, Jan 25, 2018

  • Google Maps Marker Clustering

    How to use Google Maps marker clustering to display a large number of markers on your maps.

    Krunoslav Peulic - Friday, Dec 29, 2017

  • 7 great features in ECMAScript 6

    An overview of a few ECMAScript 6 features that come in handy when dealing with Javascript on a daily basis.

    Lorena Skalac - Monday, May 8, 2017

  • Google Maps JavaScript API - Intro

    Intro to Google Maps JavaScript API: initialization, custom styling, drawing, markers, info window, and geocoding service.

    David Gostinski - Wednesday, Feb 22, 2017

  • Installing Prerender.io

    As described in our previous article on SEO for JavaScript applications, prerendering services still play an important role in enabling search engine crawlers to index the dynamic content. This time we will learn how to install Prerender.io on your server infrastructure.

    Denis Susac - Monday, Feb 22, 2016

  • SEO for JavaScript applications, 2016 edition

    For a long time, SEO recommendations have centered around having plain plain text version of your content whenever possible and avoiding dynamically generated content, Ajax and JavaScript. This should no longer be the case for the major search engines, especially Google. Or should it?

    Denis Susac - Thursday, Feb 18, 2016