• WebCamp 2017

    We regularly attend WebCamp conference in Zagreb due to amazing content and organization. Although all the talks this year were great, because of the nature of this post, we'll single out the ones we found most interesting.

    Antonio Tokic - Friday, Nov 10, 2017

  • The Geek Gathering

    This year's The Geek Gathering conference has just finished, the impressions have settled and we have received feedback from both attendees and speakers. Mono is in charge of the program - see what we covered this year.

    Denis Susac - Monday, May 19, 2014

  • The Geek Gathering 2013

    Apart from working on a couple of new and exciting products - more on this will be published over the course of the next few weeks - our team was also very involved in a local developer's community. See what's been happening lately and what we plan for the future.

    Denis Susac - Thursday, Oct 17, 2013