A new place called home
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A new place called home

Friday, Jan 9, 2015 • 2 min read
It has been an exciting start of the year for us at Mono. We have just launched a new site, but that's only the beginning...

Over the last couple of months we’ve been working hard on our new visual identity and the new Mono website. Today is the day where we share the results of this work with the rest of the world.

The idea behind the new site is to add new value to our clients, users and the community. Take your time to find out about our new products such as Baasic and Theor.io, or see what’s been happening lately with MonoX and eCTD Office. You can meet the team and see what we’ve accomplished over the years.

On our services page you can learn more about our internal processes and methods of work. A lot of stuff gets done here, so we’ve set up a showcase to illustrate what kind of custom solutions we are building for our clients.

To say that this redesign is long overdue would be an understatement, but there are many more news we wanted to share with you.

New domains

The good old mono-software.com domain has served us well over the past 12 years and is here to stay. However, with the advent of new .software Top Level Domains, we have noticed the opportunity to emphasize our passion for design and development of world-class software solutions. So here it is, a brand new, clean and catchy mono.software. It will continue to host clean and concise information about our products and services, as well as focused blog posts covering topics related to software development, UX and design.

New sites

The address you learned to love, www.mono-software.com, now redirects to this site. All the content that is specific to each of our products has been moved to its “natural” place. Looking for MonoX support and blog? If you have bookmarked our old URLs, you will be automatically redirected to the new support site.

New technologies

We have opted for a set of new, neat and lean technologies for building this site. It is a combination of static HTML produced by our static site builder (that still uses layouts, partials, templating and everything we need for scalable and maintenable development), client-side technologies including AngularJS, and a set of back-end services to provide dynamic functionality (full-text search, contact forms). You will see more of that - including cutting-edge technologies like Web components, but also standard server-side stuff like ASP.NET and PHP - in the following months, as our newest product, Baasic, progresses from the beta-testing phase to full production. Stay tuned!

What do you think?

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