• Equal height cards with flexbox

    Nice vertical alignment of the column based content can be difficult to achieve using only HTML/CSS, but here's a simple and elegant solution using `flexbox`.

    Ivan Basic - Wednesday, Jul 29, 2020

  • An introduction to SVG

    An introduction to the basics of SVG syntax - learn how to write and read path code, and also hot to animate different shapes.

    Ivan Sakoman - Friday, Nov 8, 2019

  • Supercharge your colors with the PostCSS color() function

    Colors provide an atmosphere crucial to our design. They communicate design intentions and send a message to the people. Let's see how we can make them more powerful.

    Mihael Tomic - Tuesday, Aug 8, 2017

  • Create print-ready dashboard using CSS

    You've never used it, never heard of it, don't know how it works? It seems like the right time to introduce yourself to print CSS.

    Pavle Vlainic - Thursday, Dec 8, 2016

  • Building a simple CSS grid with flexbox

    If you don't need big, complex CSS grid systems, here's an easy way to build your own - using flexbox.

    Ivan Basic - Friday, Dec 2, 2016

  • A simple and nice list Sass mixin using em-en dashes

    The default browser styles for the bulleted lists are a bit boring and not really pretty. Let’s fix that up with a quick Sass mixin by using em dashes before the text.

    Andrej Mlinarevic - Thursday, Jan 30, 2014

  • FontFace - custom fonts for your sites

    Typography matters and online typography has made a big advance over the last couple of years. There are several approaches for integrating custom fonts to standards-compliant web pages. Find out how to use custom fonts in your web pages.

    Ivan Basic - Tuesday, Jan 24, 2012