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Building Arduino powered Nixie Clock
Monday, Aug 27, 2018 BY Ivan Kalafatic

In this blog post, I won’t talk about JavaScript, C#, or ASP.NET. Instead, I’ll go a level (or two) _lower_ and talk about good old Nixie tubes and how to build a clock using them along with Arduino’s almighty power.

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IoT with ESP8266 - Part 2: Flashing
Tuesday, Mar 27, 2018 BY Ivan Cagalj

Let me show you how to flash new firmware on ESP2866 ESP-01 Microcontroller. In this post, you will learn some basic stuff about digital circuitry and ESP-01, as well as how to create a simple breadboard assembly.

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IoT with ESP8266 - Part 1: Basics
Thursday, Apr 20, 2017 BY Ivan Cagalj

Everybody talks about Internet of things, smart devices, and smart home. If you want to make your own home automation system, check out this brief introduction to Internet of things with an ESP8266 microcontroller.

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